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                        The Foundation exists due to the generous philanthropy of the Dan and Pamela DeVos family, who are fans and supporters of the great game of hockey. 2020 will mark the 25th year of the Foundation hockey league. Thousands of Grand Rapids youth have enjoyed the sport due to the Foundation. Each year, up to 100 interested children are wait-listed from the program due to full capacity. In respect to the Foundation founders and the children on the wait list, the Foundation Director retains sole discretion to expel a player from Foundation participation for extreme disregard for the policies outlined herein, as well as any conduct by player or the player’s family, considered detrimental to the Foundation’s mission.


1.         Purpose of Attendance Policy.


            The purpose of this policy is to set forth the Griffin Youth Foundation’s statement of policy and procedures for handling player absences. Hockey is a team sport that requires every player to know their responsibilities and perform as part of a team. If one player is not able to practice his or her responsibilities, the rest of the team pays the price. On-time attendance at all practices and games is critical for safety considerations and so each player develops and has the opportunity to learn their team responsibilities.


            The Foundation encourages participation in extra-curricular activities – we also encourage the importance of teamwork, team building and the importance of practice for safety and player development. Please understand that by joining our program, you have made a commitment and to help your player develop as part of the team, commitment to our program and to the team is understood to take precedence over all other commitments with reason.


2.         Policy and Expectations. 


·         It is expected that the Foundation will be a priority commitment for all players during the season.

·         All practices, meetings and games are mandatory.

·         Players are expected to be on-time (on-time is 30 minutes early to practice and games so they can dress and be ready to go!). The expectation is players will be on time for practice and games and participate in pre-practice, warm-ups, chalk talk, etc.

·         Athletes will be allowed excused absences throughout the season. The determination of an excused absence will be determined by the Program Manager (Ms. Eileen) who will follow Foundation guidelines.

·         Unexcused absences will be subject to the increasing progressive penalty policy outlined in this document.

·         The way we determine if a player is at practices and games is from our check-in sheets at the front table. Players (not parents) are responsible for signing in for every practice and game.

·         “I forgot to check in” is an unexcused absence.  It is important for children to learn they need to follow rules in life. As a parent, you are encouraged to remind or ask your child if they signed in but you may not do it for them.


(a)              Honor System.


We realize that life happens, and conflicts arise. While we expect our athletes to be honest and clear when it comes to communicating conflicts with Ms. Eileen, the coaches and their team, We require the parents to validate these issues with a simple text or by an email sent to Ms. Eileen at [email protected] prior to end of the game or practice being missed. If this communication does not take place, the Foundation will consider the same an unexcused absence.                                                 



3.         Excused Absences.


            A PARENT must contact Ms. Eileen as soon as they are aware of an upcoming absence. While we encourage the athletes to communicate with the coaches regarding any potential conflicts, for an absence to be excused, the PARENT must contact Ms. Eileen via email or text.


These are examples of an excused absence. These are some situations that are uncontrollable and/or unpreventable:


·         Player illness

·         Death or serious illness in the family

·         Mandatory school or academic event

·         Family emergency

·         Previously planned vacation

·         Observance of religious holiday

·         Participation in a school sanctioned play, drama or music performance


A parent must report the absence to Ms. Eileen ([email protected]) prior to the end of the practice or game that is missed. Please do not count on your coach to relay the information to Ms. Eileen.


4.         Unexcused Absences.


            Players with repeat unexcused absences can expect reduced playing time. Practice and game attendance will be just one of the criteria to determine playing time. Playing time will be proportionately reduced for each practice missed based on the below progression.  


            A player that is subject to the unexcused absence policy will not be allowed to play in the next game; they will be expected to wear their jersey and remain on the bench during the game.


            Unexcused absences are defined as situations that could be prevented. Examples include (but are not limited to):


·         Oversleeping/Forgetting/Being unaware

·         Haircut appointments, etc.

·         Birthday parties, concerts, or professional/college sporting events

·         Extended school formal dance/Senior skip days

·         Conflicts due to player participation in a school or club additional sport during the same Foundation season will be considered an unexcused absence.

·         An absence is considered UNEXCUSED unless it has been communicated from a PARENT to MS. EILEEN

·         Failure to sign in at each practice and game will be considered an UNEXCUSED absence


(a)        Progressive Playing Time Reduction for Unexcused Player Absences.


                        ONE unexcused absence: A player may miss one unexcused practice and/or game without consequence.


                        TWO unexcused absences: A player who misses two unexcused practices and/or games will be required to sit a period of the next game. The player must be on the bench for the period.


                        THREE unexcused absences: A player who misses three unexcused practices and/or games will be required to sit the next game but still attend the game and be on the bench.


                        FOUR unexcused absences: A player who misses four unexcused practices and/or games will be required to sit the next game and will be subject to potential removal from the Foundation program.

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Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation

130 W. Fulton St, Suite 111
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Phone: 616-970-5437
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Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation

130 W. Fulton St, Suite 111
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Phone: 616-970-5437
Email: [email protected]
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