Development of healthy habits, attention to studies and continued education after high school is stressed for all players of all ages.  To facilitate and stress these core values, the Foundation offers the following in its dedicated community room:

Reading Program

This program is focused on not only honing the reading skills of our younger and middle school players, but also to make reading and comprehension a habit.

Career Fair and College Visits

A yearly event that focuses not only on careers that exist after high school, but also attendance by various local colleges and universities, as well as trade organizations for resources that exist for our high school players.  These activities culminate in an end of the season visit to Ferris State University.  Through the generosity and full sponsorship of Ferris State University, our players and families are provided an opportunity to learn about higher education, campus life and all of the opportunities Ferris State has to offer incoming freshman.

College Scholarship Program

Through the generosity of the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, every year two alumni players are chosen to receive a $5000 grant to be paid over their first two years of college.

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