Program Info

Offering Nine Divisions for Preschool - High School

(Siblings Only)

Ages 4-Kindergarten

(Co Ed)

1st-2nd Grade

(Co Ed)

3rd-4th Grade

(Co Ed)

5th-6th Grade

(Co Ed)

7th-8th Grade

(Co Ed)

9th-12th Grade

(Girls Only)

6th-12th Grade

(Co Ed)

7-18 Yrs.

All games and practices take place between November and March.

*Patrick Division is for advanced players by invitation only.

**Junior Sled Wings registration is conducted by our partner, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

We Provide All Your Equipment

Academic Excellence

Community Involvement

Healthy Lifestyles

We offer free hockey to kids from preschool through high school. All games and practices are at Griff's Ice House (30 Coldbrook St NE). There is one practice and one game per week.

If you are interested in playing with the Youth Foundation, please fill out the New Player Application below.


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130 W. Fulton St. Suite 111
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503