Program Divisions

The Foundation provides three different formats for playing the game of hockey.  The first format is a co-educational format starting with cross-ice games and eventually graduating to full ice.  The Foundation also provides a girls only division for sixth grade to twelfth grade girls and the Junior Sled Wings.  All divisions are non-checking, running clock and do not travel or play teams outside the Foundation. The Foundation typically follows USA Hockey Rules; although we are not a USA Hockey member organization.


Learn to Skate

The Foundation offers the Learn to Skate program for younger siblings of existing players in the Foundation. Emphasis is placed on preparing new players to move into the Olympians Division.

Olympians Division

The Olympians Division consists of six teams comprised of first and second graders.  The Olympians play cross-ice hockey with no goalies.  Emphasis is placed on skating, team work and stick handling skills.

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World Juniors Division

The World Juniors Division is our newest programming addition to the Foundation.  It is comprised of four teams made up of third and fourth graders who are expected to advance their skating skills, team play and introduction of goalies into the game.  The games are played half-ice.

Adams Division

The Adams Division is a four-team division made up of fifth and sixth graders.  The Adams Division plays full ice and follows traditional hockey rules such as off-sides and icing.

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Campbell Division

The Campbell Division is a four-team division comprised of seventh and eighth grade players.

Norris Division

The Norris Division is a four-team division and includes players from grades nine through twelve.

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Patrick Division

The Patrick Division is an invitation only division comprised of ninth through twelfth graders and is our most skilled division in terms of skating requirements and safety to play at a more competitive level.

Girls Division

The Foundation takes great pride in the fact that almost a third of the players in the Foundation are girls.  The Girls Division was created and has been supported as a division where girls have the opportunity to experience playing only with other girls.  That is not to say that skill and competition are not a part of the game and coaching experience that these players receive.  However, we have found that for some girl players this is a better fit. The Girls Division is comprised of sixth through twelfth graders.

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